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Our Advantage & What We Do Better

Our Shop at Home/Business Service.  Our team is personable, honest, understandable and friendly.  We believe coming to you with the products will provide you a deep understanding of the flooring you want - and how it will look under your ceiling. 

Over the years, there has been countless occasions as a sub contractor - where the customer thinks the colour is totally different from what they originally purchased in store.  Flooring stores use a variety of different lighting techniques - white lights, multiple light sources, and so on - to make the product appear a certain way to customer of what it will actually look like at their property. 

Unlike major stores and other flooring providers out there - we don't carry the massive overhead cost of running a show room.  Our inventory warehouses have most of our samples available in stock within 24 hours.  On rare occasions, some products are special orders and may take roughly a week to arrive. 

We don't sell any defective, second/third grade or damaged flooring.  Our flooring products are carefully inspect prior to installation to ensure you are getting what you paid for.  For example - with carpets, sometimes they may appear to be fine but on the back lining/fibers are not aligned or even stained.  An average person may not notice such a defect when installed and assume that is how the product is - but our professionally trained staff goes the extra mile to maintain a high level of quality assurance.

Changing your floor does come with a cost, and we understand that.   If you want a quick, reliable and firm quote - give us a call or send a quick e-mailIf we are the first quote, or last quote - more than likely we will have the best quote.  Have a budget in place?  Let us know after we measure and we can show you the best brands that will be within budget.

How many sites can share so much work?  We take pride in all the jobs we do.  We try to post pictures of most of our completed work and keep it updated as best we can. 

We also fix poor installation mistakes.   If you've had bad experience with a carpet store/bad installers, we can fix most installation or issues you may have.   Changing an entire floor might be costly - perhaps we can provide a solution to avoid a new floor.

Our schedule is flexible.  Sometimes with work and businesses it's hard to schedule a major renovation project.  We do work any day of the week and in special circumstances evening/overnight to avoid disruptions for businesses.

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